Get IT Organized™ By KCSI

How important are your passwords, network environment and server information? Think about it. All your money, bank accounts, financial info, web login information and everything else you need to keep private is protected by passwords.

Now what about your server and workstation system information, email account info, network info, routing information and IT system info information? Trust your important information to the security and convenience of Get IT Organized™ anywhere.

Get IT - Organized - KCSI

Are you still using spreadsheets that can easily be lost or copied with little to no security measures in place to protect your important corporate, IT or personal data?

Still be worrying about so many passwords to remember? GetITOrganized is an efficient, unique and powerful Password Management program for your iPhone.

KCSI’s Get IT Organized™ Iphone app seamlessly integrates and coordinates the system data needed by IT professionals, network administrators and anyone else in the world that has the need for password and IT security.

PBM Systems

"Finally, we have been searching all over for an application like this and for it to be an app for the IPhone? Fantastic! Great program, this is a must have for the IT Industry."

Town and Country

“We started using GetITOrganized because we had way too many servers to manage and we found ourselves loosing integrity in our system record keeping. We searched for a program that was not only flexible but economical as well. We discovered the GetItOrganized program through Kornyk Computer Solutions International. This system provides us with more then what we required, this program is fantastic, not only did it help us manage our system information but I also use it for my own personal password management program, and on the IPhone? these guys are brilliant.“

River Rema

“Great password app! Super easy to learn and now i manage all my passwords, user accounts, banking information and system information in this simple application i use on my Iphone.“