The Company - KCSI

  • is privately owned and operated by the company founders
  • has a strong competitive position due to the fact that no other products address this market need
  • is already a successful enterprise, with a 90% sales growth rate over the past two years alone
  • has, using only certified technicians, gained acceptance in the small in addition to the medium to large sized business community
  • has staff, with varying degrees of expertise in different key areas, that are assigned to projects depending on the level of expertise required-results are guaranteed to be produced by the best person for the job
  • provides a full-range of powerful customized programming, accounting solutions, sales and time management solutions, technical support and interactive services to companies around the world
  • specializes in developing strategically appropriate solutions to ensure optimal results for its clients, while quickly becoming experts in the rapidly changing array of Internet technology
  • has diversified experience that saves our clients money, and we sometimes accomplish in hours what our competition cannot achieve in days
  • provides solutions in areas that the competition is afraid to go.
These are some of the reasons KCSI has gained wide acceptance in the business community.

Location (Where is KCSI)
Kornyk Computer Solutions International, Inc. (KCSI) is located in the Vancouver suburb of Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada. Since 1996 we have evolved into a global Software solution provider and programming house that develops and integrates business and accounting applications.

The Founders of KCSI
The founders, Sheldon and Colleen Kornyk, started with a focus on total turnkey solutions developed with GetITOrganized (a IPhone application designed to help system administrators manage there unique system information related to there servers and networks, along with password management etc), SIMMS Inventory Management and Accounting software, CRMUnleashed (a web-based CRM and customer support program), Microsoft, SCO UNIX and SCO UNIX Ware applications. Since 1996 we have amassed a wide range of experience in numerous applications, IT, accounting/inventory applications, and operating systems.

The birth of GetITOrganized Software: Why KCSI Built GetITOrganized Software
Requirement: In 2009 we realized that the major gap in business/IT software was true system administration / IT management program, companies needed to have a better way of tracking there server, workstation, network, user, password and other sensitive data.
  • Hard copy information wasn't practical in this quickly changing industry with system changes being made daily at times
  • Spreadsheets were not a secure or safe option
  • Storing information on multiple computers and coping from thumb drive to thumb drive wasn't secure and the chances of loosing sensitive information to the public was extremely high
  • There is no other application in the marketplace that enables you to track the system information and customize your field layouts
  • Syncing IT related information amongst other employees was extremely difficult

Knowing we could build a better mousetrap, GetITOrganized was born...
Today, major Fortune 500 corporations, governments and military organizations incorporate GetITOrganized as there IT information storage solution. GetITOrganized customers now span the globe, a testament to our superior design that accelerates the learning curve and gives our clients what they need—rock solid IT system management.

Results Guaranteed with KCSI
KCSI guarantees results by providing a full-range of powerful customized programming, IT management solutions, accounting solutions, sales-and-time management solutions, technical support, web, e-commerce, and interactive services to companies around the globe. Our expertise in the rapidly changing array of internet technology provides our clients with strategically appropriate solutions targeted to ensure optimal results.

Diversified Experience
Our diversified experience saves our clients money. We have a solid core of programmers and understand what a deadline means.