NO more Spreadsheets!

Unlike unsecured spreadsheets that could be forgotten or lost or not updated, GetITOrganized™ keeps your records intact, inaccessible to anyone else, in its most up-to-date form, and in your pocket.

Most system administrators realize that system logging is extremely difficult, like most system administrators you probably use spreadsheets because until now it was the most efficient way to log unique system information that can drastically differ from system to system meaning you had to change the layout of every related system.

System Administrators realize that spreadsheets are not safe, not secure and not ideal ways to store such critical data for many reasons.

Just a few reasons why Spreadsheets are a bad way to track your System, password, and critical information:
  • Mobility is difficult, you don't always have the spreadsheet with you and if you did bring a copy, is it the most current?
  • Quite often System administrators will copy the spreadsheets to thumb drives in order to have the information at there fingertips, however what happens if you loose the thumb drive? Suddenly YOUR mission critical information is in the public.
  • System administrators copy spreadsheets between workstations, however what spreadsheet is the most current? What happens if 2 or more get updated at the same time?
  • Spreadsheets can't be totally secured and are easily hacked
  • Backing up spreadsheets when there could be more then one copy floating around can be difficult to manage.
  • It is difficult to navigate the information required by a system administrator.
  • Like hard copy spreadsheets can be clumsy

With GetITOrganized for the Iphone you finally have a solution for managing your important system related information and that information is always with you on your Iphone when you need it.

GetITOrganized gives you the ability to easily customize your own personal devices (groups of information related to one device, i.e.. Server, computer etc.) with as many tabs as you require in order to help you sort your IT related information in a easier to find format for example one tab for usernames, another for IP address information, another for CITRIX information and so on, you can even pick the color of your tabs to be used and assign an image to the data group/device.

You will never have to hunt through torn pages of pocket notebooks or cumbersome binders of spreadsheets to find your passwords or important IT data ever again. GetITOrganized™ keeps all your vital information never further away than the reach of your arm.

Schedule tasks, employ templates to save time, and save your own layouts as templates for repeat use in the future.

GetITOrganized helps you organize business and personal information, relating to:
  • Logins and passwords for computers and Servers
  • IP address information
  • Host names
  • Domain information
  • System resources
  • System related task management
  • Website logins and passwords
  • Groups and permissions
  • Citrix information
  • File server and network share mappings
  • E-mail passwords
  • Bank Accounts
  • Door entry and alarm codes
  • Telephone banking codes
  • Credit card and PIN numbers
  • FTP logins and passwords
  • Router passwords
  • Citrix passwords and usernames
  • And much more

Your IT department is easily organized, secure and simple to manage with GetITOrganized for IPhone, One Master Password is all you have to remember to access all your IT and sensitive information!

Summary of the main features of GetITOrganized software
  • Iphone compatible – always have your passwords with you on your Iphone
  • Password protected data
  • Easy to customize templates
  • With the ability to create tabs of information related to your sets of data it is easy to organize your information in a way that makes sense to you
  • No more clumsy spreadsheets
  • No longer have to copy data to USB memory sticks and other systems risking loosing your data or not having the current version of your data
  • Backup and Restore
  • Unlimited user defined fields
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Easy to understand and fast user interface
  • Task management